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About Us

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

We are a group of Atlanta-based Logistics Professionals that invite and encourage anyone that touches the International economy in any way to join us and network knowledge with our industry experts. We hope to mentor new friends in our group as well as provide mentoring opportunities for our more seasoned members. We hope to provide learning, Social, and networking opportunities for all our members. More importantly we hope to provide these opportunities at a low cost and include everyone. Our doors are open to all who share a common need both professional and social.

Danny Roberts (and daughter Taylor) – ALC Chairman
Current VP of Business Development @ Dunavant Transportation. Started in 1982 With US lines and have held various positions in past 33 years including owner of Drake Logistics(NVOCC) from 2000 to 2006 and was Vice president USA Ocean division for JAS from 1998 to 2000 I opened the Shipco Transport Charlotte, Charleston, Atlanta, and Miami from 1992-1997 and left as Regional Vice President.

Kris Northup

Kris is the current President of the ALC and has been an active member on the Committee for over 3 years. He also has been the international business development manager for Southeastern Freight Lines (SEFL) for over 7 years.

Ginger Linkedin

Ginger Whitehawk
Vice President

Ginger is our current Vice President and helps the ALC grow through collective ideas and event planning. During the day, she manages the many ins-and-outs of the international logistics market.

Laura Ellsworth

Laura holds the position of Secretary, Web Liaison, and head of the Meeting Planning Committee. She has been with ALC for over 3 years and currently serves the logistics needs of others while working at Southeastern Freight Lines (SEFL).

Susan Johnson

Susan is the current treasurer of ALC and is also involved in member outreach. Her 30 years of experience in import, intermodal, and business development logistics is second to none.

Brooks Youmans Committee Member

Brooks is our Education Director and has been a trusted board member of ALC for over 5 years. His 40+ years of professional experience include traffic, operations, sales, and executive management in maritime industries.

Mike Shea
Committee Member

Mike has been with the ALC for over 4 years and held the position of treasurer. Now, he's an active member of the board and contributes his knowledge of compliance and customs brokerage to the ALC community.